1 Plan Ahead

I completely respect your time and I expect the same from you. Please give me at least 24-48 hours notice if you would like to book with me and of course the longer the better. "Fly me to you" sessions please give at least 2-3 weeks notice. Same-day booking is very tough and I rarely accept last minute bookings and they rarely work as I might have other arrangements booked already or screening can take longer than expected.

2 Screening

Screening is mandatory for all new clients. I do NOT see unverified clients. Any requests without necessary screening info (for example, a simple "Hi", "Are you available" or "how much" etc.) will be ignored and deleted. Please NOTE: for couple sessions, both members must be screened to ensure my safety.

3 Deposit

Deposit might be required depending on situations. Usually there stands a very high chance deposit will be needed for same-day bookings or new clients or those who cancelled on me before or longer sessions etc. I reserve the right to decide whether and how much it will be applied. All deposits are non-refundable but can be used to reschedule for the next session. Please Note: Without exception, all new clients screened by employment verification( Without references or refences not reputable enough for me to accept) MUST provide deposits to secure the session and wait until the funds are available in my account to meet me. I do this to avoid unforgivable behaviors like charging back. All deposits for all sessions are 50% of the full donation for the date requested.

4 Cancellations

Things happen and I understand that. Please give me a 48-hours notice if you need to reschedule our session. If you cancel the session within 48 hours of the requested date, 50% the donation will be applied and must be paid in full immediately. If you stand me up without notice, the full donation will be applied and must be paid in full immediately. If you've cancelled on me twice in a row, I will NOT accept your booking request anymore, same applies to those who stood me up.

5 Hygiene

I always make sure I completely clean and freshen myself for our appointment and I expect the same from you. Please take a shower and brush your teeth or use mouthwash before our session. I'll be happy to offer shower and mouthwash at my place if you do not have the time to do so before meeting up.

6 Basic Courtesy

I always make sure I'm at my 100% and fully dedicated to our session for your satisfaction and I expect you to be respectful. I'm very selective of whom I spend my time with and once confirmed I'll make sure the session is amazing. So please do not use lewd or bad language when booking or you'll be blocked permanently. Do not force me to do anything I don't agree on during our session and please respect my time and do not overstay or I'll kindly and politely remind you. I never rush our session but won't like it if anyone disrespects my time and takes advantage of my kindness.

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